Kung Ako'y

Sharon Cuneta — DJ's Pet


PINOY GROOVE EXPERIENCE (Philippine Popular Music Revisited):

Sharon Cuneta - “Kung Ako’y” from DJ’s PET (1978)

First PGE post in ages.

Not much to say.  From the Philippine’s “Megastar” on her first record, DJ’s PET in 1978.  She was 12.  

Recorded in the milieu of the Manila Sound era but still wrapped in the warmth of the hazy sun of Philippine 60’s and early 70’s folk pop.  Written by the Pinoy Folk Rock duo Verde and Clarino (Tass Verdeflor and Len Clarino).  Something comforting about this song.  It’s at the junction of Pinoy Folk and the Manila Sound.  The acoustic guitar and string arrangement is at one with the dreamy keyboards and persistent bassline.  Add Mega’s doe eyed cooing and it’s all funky and sweet.  Maybe there’s just an inherent sadness and blurry eyed longing when I hear anything Philippines circa 1978.